XS-httpd is a WWW server that includes the following features:


The latest release of XS-httpd is version 3.7 beta 35
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To compile XS-httpd from source and install it on your system, all that is needed is a standard C compiler and the usual tools that come with it. It will work out of the box on most systems. Version 3.6 and newer need a C99 capable compiler to build (e.g. gcc version 3 or newer). However if you want additional features, extra software libraries are required.


The XS-httpd distribution includes the following manual pages:

Binary executables: These manual pages document command line options of the main webserver daemon and the additional tools that are included in the distribution of XS-httpd.

Configuration files: XS-httpd is very configurable, both for system administrators and for local users who may have their own homepages in the system.

Other concepts: These manual pages document the mechanism to dynamically generate content, using server side scripting or via special directives inside HTML pages.

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Current version:
3.7 beta 35

Latest stable version:
3.6 gamma 1